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First of all thanks for visiting. I’m really glad you have found your way here. I started Spirit of ‘38 Productions to publish my documentaries and film projects. The name takes inspiration from 1838 and 1938, two years of great importance in Jamaica (where my parents are from). 1838 saw the end of slavery in the British West Indies and 1938 saw the labor rebellion that would lead to Jamaica gaining independence in 1962.

Though most of my current projects are centered around Jamaica, that is not my only focus (see Rolling Along: An Inline Movement). My main goal is to bring you documentaries featuring unique and inspiring individuals who against all odd serve as a beacon to remind us to keep on pushing, to dare to dream of a new way, to stand by your beliefs no matter how dire the consequences may be.

I hope you can learn something new and are inspired by my offerings.

I am currently based in Oakland, California and available for corporate work and events (email for more information).

Richard Audley Vaughan





Richard Audley Vaughan
ravaughan1980 at gmail.com